Hey, there! Meet the one and only Dr. Gina Labovitz, or as she loves to be called, "Dr. L"! 🌟

Born amidst the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, Dr. L wears multiple hats: pediatrician, wife, and supermom of two sprightly boys. Been there, felt that—she's navigated her own child's health complexities and decided conventional medicine needed a remix.

That’s why she founded Envision Pediatrics, a clinic that gives you something rare: in-depth "whole child" care. Imagine a place where we discuss not just what's up with those tummy aches or mood swings, but how it might tie back to the air your kiddo breathes, the stress they feel, or past events they’ve experienced. 💫

If you're aching for genuine conversations, longer appointments, and a pediatrician who's a tireless researcher, then Dr. L is your woman. Beyond the stethoscope, she's dedicated to family, reading the latest studies, and maybe a bit of binge-watching when she gets a minute! Ready for a holistic health voyage? Dr. L is beyond excited to be your co-pilot.

Let's keep the introductions rolling—say hello to Dr. West!  🎉

Brought up in the captivating world of Louisiana culture, this LSU graduate is not your everyday pediatrician. Her journey zigzagged from the vibrant streets of Dallas, Texas to the welcoming communities of Baton Rouge, before life spun the compass and landed her in the scenic Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Dr. West is a real-life wonder mom to four vibrant children, two of whom have taught her the nuances of neurodiversity. These little wonders are her muse, inspiring her to go deep into the fields of integrative psychiatry and functional medicine. She founded Precise Pediatrics with one thing in mind: groundbreaking healthcare that’s personalized.

We're talking a shift from just treating symptoms to a scientific, yet holistic quest to find and fix the root causes. 🌱 Dr. West is also a passionate voice for early autism identification, rocking leadership roles from the Emerge Center in Baton Rouge to telehealth companies.

When the white coat comes off, you’ll find Dr. West trekking the great outdoors, experimenting with exotic spices in the kitchen, or going full-on football mom rooting for the LSU Tigers! 🏈  So, if you're keen on a more soulful, science-backed approach to your child’s health, Dr. West is already setting the table for you. Come join the fam!


Dr. Kortney West is a board certified pediatrician who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and behavioral health disorders. She was raised in Louisiana and attended LSU for both undergrad and medical school. Thereafter, she completed her pediatric residency in Dallas, TX at the University of TX -Southwest.

Dr. West currently sees patients through her private practice, Precise Pediatrics, where she focuses on integrative management of behavioral health disorders utilizing genomic testing and precision medicine.

Dr. West is the proud mother to four children, two of which are neurodivergent and the inspiration for diving headfirst into the world of integrative psychiatry. She writes about her personal experience with healing inflammatory brain conditions and chronicling her family’s journey of switching from the typical American diet to one that nourishes the body and mind.

In her free time Dr. West loves hiking with her family, cheering on the LSU tigers, cooking and experimenting with new foods and flavors in the kitchen and attempting to garden.

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